Chic Baby Solutions

A Postpartum Wellness Practice

Empowering families with confidence, support and encouragement throughout their baby journey.

Family is precious.

Our team understands postpartum home care for your recovering body and your new baby requires an investment on your part to trust and welcome our caregivers into your home.


Our screening requirements and caregiver's skill sets are of the highest caliber in our industry worldwide.

As we are a "postpartum associates practice" made up of only top notch postpartum professionals, we are dedicated to utmost quality of care.

We Present to You Fully Verified Professional Portfolios of Your Chosen Caregivers.

We desire families to be safely cared for!

Less qualified caregivers continue to amaze us as many will attempt to mislead our screening team in their interview process with us; but we quickly weed them out!

We encourage all families to screen any caregivers they interview (whether through us or independently) by our screening criteria, you will be surprised at what you'll discover when you know what to ask!

We have personally interviewed and screened hundreds of caregivers interested in being apart of Belly and Beans Associates care team, 95% did not pass our first round of screening criteria. However, our screening helps us to quickly discover the diamonds amongst caregivers, many have been with us many years which only ensures your family the finest postpartum support!

Our Screening Criteria 

In-Person Interview Process & Skills Assessment:      

Each of our caregivers have been met in-person by our office support team during our multi-stage interview process before they are brought onto our team.

Our team then concludes their interviews and security screening process and finalizes our screening with a skill set assessment to enable us to place new associates in the best place they can thrive in providing quality support of our families.

Work History Verification Screening: 

We do not sub contract the screening of caregivers work histories, phone references, letters of recommendation and educational degrees/certifications. Rather our office personally screens and verifies caregiver’s backgrounds directly to ensure our client's safety while gaining valuable work history performance reports by personally interviewing candidates past employers, clients and educators.

We Require: Identity Check Verification & Full Criminal and DMV Background Screening: 

A persons' background is not truly verified unless their identity is first secured. A national recognized private security firm provides our candidate identity verification first; then screens a candidates driving and criminal history in all 50 states and countries a caregiver has lived throughout their lifetime.

Our caregivers must be legal US citizens, and are at least 25 years of age to be capable of meeting our educational and professional career experience qualifications.

We Require: Reliable Transportation & Exceptional Driving History:

Caregivers must have a reliable, insured vehicle with excellent driving history, including clean record from DUI's.

Caregivers must remain current in their safety certifications. 

They are certified in Pediatric First Aid and CPR, additionally Pediatric & NICU RN's must have Neonatal Resuscitation Certification.

Verified Clean Reports of Health

DTAP, yearly Flu shots and a doctor's clean bill of health must be presented to our office yearly and be current. TB can be additionally requested by families.

Caregivers must be willing to take an office arranged drug test:

Caregivers must be willing to complete a drug test at anytime as requested and arranged by our office with a lab.

Our B&B Accountability & Skill Set Requirements:

Caregivers must pass all our Belly and Beans Associates screening requirements and skill competency assessment to work as an associate, which includes an extended on the job observation period of one year. Caregivers remain in accountability to our postpartum care office team and receive on-going supervision, support and continuing education.

Our caregivers are accountable to our service standard protocols:

Postpartum care is our caregivers' sole career of choice not a temporary side job. They have a proven work history of solid work ethic, trustworthiness, honesty and reliability.

Caregivers must be maturely experienced & capable of hands on skill set implementation. Education is essential; however knowing how and when to use the skills you have obtained is most effective in the lives of clients. Caregivers must be maturely capable of placing their education into action on behalf of clients care needs and varying case requirements.

Our caregivers are collaborative & personable and must not be driven by only their way or the highway. We are a practice which thrives on collaboration and cooperation with families. Our caregivers are willing to support clients through both proactive and responsive care approaches with kindness, patience, open communication, resourcefulness, being capable of maturely adapting themselves within their expertise to provide a collaborative approach to care with families as both a sole caregiver and also when working as a part of our care teams.

Caregivers are not allowed to double book, moonlight or over book themselves. Caregivers are only permitted to be in one full time booking agreement with one family, for a designated booking agreement care period. This is to ensure each family receives exceptional care and for caregivers to uphold their agreements with both our families and our practice based on agreed upon shift hours, number of care shifts per week, and for the duration of the agreement.

Part Time Work Booking Requirements: Should your family only require part time care, then a caregiver can fill their remaining hours of availability; but only outside your part-time care specifications within your booking agreement.

Caregivers must uphold work place clinical hygiene standards: Caregivers must uphold our clinical hygiene standards when working with our families; including the required work agreement care of their hair, nails and feet and the wearing of our uniform.

Our elemental level caregivers must have at least four consecutive years of recent postpartum care experience after attending professional postpartum industry training to ensure caregiver care accuracy. Elemental caregivers must have experience caring for singletons, newborn multiples, preemies and both breastfeeding and bottle feeding families from birth to six months of age.

Our advanced and specialty care level caregivers must have at least ten consecutive years of recent postpartum care experience in addition to being professionally educated in postpartum care to ensure their care accuracy. Advanced caregivers must have a strong history of excellence in hands on skill set implementation including: Mother's recovery care, nutritional support, hands on breastfeeding support, understanding of formula complexities, proactive newborn care, sleep teaching, Reflux, colic , GERD support and parent education. Caregiver must also keep certifications and CEU's up to date.

RN's must be credentialed as a Pediatric, Neonatal or Lactation RN. Nurses may not work through us as only a general RN. Nurses must have specialized training in pediatrics, NICU and/or in lactation and also have received specialized training in evidence based postpartum home care and have four years in home experience to receive our stamp of approval. Our nurses must be capable of knowing how to adapt their skill set and professional approach to the specific, unique needs of families within their homes; providing a balanced proactive care approach to both well and specialty care babes, recovering & breastfeeding Mother's and be capable of gentle approaches when assisting with postpartum family care dynamics from birth through six months postpartum.

Certified/Credentialed Newborn Care Specialists & Governesses must have graduated from state certified, accredited or industry credentialed training programs and/or from an American or English baby nurse/governess school or university, receiving degrees within family studies, education, development and/or psychology.

Postpartum Doulas must be certified through DONA, CAPPA, IBC, ProDoula or like level educator as a postpartum doula. Doulas must be capable of understanding and practicing both elemental and advanced level care, providing hands on care for babies and Mother's alike through both responsive and proactive care approaches.

Night Nannies and Newborn Nannies must have attended elemental hands-on newborn care, breastfeeding, newborn development and sleep teaching support classes which can be directly verified and have completed at least four consecutive years of recent newborn postpartum care experience.

All postpartum caregivers are required to attend annual continuing education classes and keep their certifications up to date. This includes workshops & seminars in postpartum care through national accredited or certification bodies, industry based university programs, colleges, nanny/governess schools, Newborn Care Specialist schools, national nanny & NCS associations and/or organizations to meet their annual CEU requirements to keep certifications and skill set capabilities up to date.