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Our prenatal & postpartum educational program is providing modern baby solutions for smart, savvy families! Our classes, talks and events have been developed from a modern family, real life perspective, providing tips & techniques of powerful, simple solutions and resources we have utilized to help our families through our home care for over twenty years!

Classes & Parent Support Groups:

A Pea in the Pod: Dallas

Destination Maternity: Dallas

Baylor Dallas Medical Center 

Texas Health Resources University Dallas

Modern Mama’s Educational Support Group:


Mrs. Jennessa Moore, NCS & Mrs. Christy Bunting-Hill, CANCS, CAISC

Treat yourself with our girl time fun educational support group! This social educational series offers revolving subjects about all things baby and Mommy; covering topics most relevant to Modern Mom’s to be and new Moms! You’ll meet new friends while being pampered with secrets to parenting success from expert instructors and interactive Q&A. Take home resources will be provided.

Getting Real Ladies’ about Comfortable Birth Recovery

Instructor: Mrs. Christy Bunting-Hill, CANCS, CAISC

O.K. so why didn’t anyone tell me about how “my recovering body” would feel after birth when I got home and what I can do about it? This is a class designed to help Moms prepare to be supported and comfortable during their post birth healing process after any type of birth they may have experienced. There are many helpful at home care tips which make a BIG difference in supporting your comfort during recovery.

Milk ‘in Mama’s 411: Practical At Home Breastfeeding Support Class

Instructor: Mrs. Christy Bunting-Hill, CANCS, CAISC

Have you already read too many books, websites and articles on breast feeding science and really just want the “get real facts and tools” to help you best at home as you learn to breastfeed? Do all the breastfeeding products on the shelves look like alien life forms to you? Are you trying to figure out what in the world are breast shields, valves, membranes and booby tubes??? Although figuring out how to hide your “girls” maybe the simplest task of breastfeeding you have most definitely already figured out there is much to be learned to enjoy a successful journey. In this tell all class created to help you with “real life, at home breastfeeding comfort techniques” you’ll learn how to easily navigate your breastfeeding journey with calm and success!

Healthy Sleep Teaching:

How to Teach your Baby to Sleep through the Night!

Instructors: Mrs. Jennessa Moore, NCS & Mrs. Christy Bunting-Hill, CANCS, CAISC

Meet and Learn from DFW’s Top Baby Sleep Teaching Guru’s with over 45 years combined hands-on non-cry it out sleep teaching experience and professional educations as Certified Newborn Care Specialists & Certified Advanced Sleep Consultants! Our successful sleep teaching secrets have helped thousands of parents learn how to lovingly teach their newborns and baby’s to sleep through the night without using cry it out methods. Q&A will be provided at the end of each class.

Each sleep teaching class is based on the specific developmental stage of newborns and babes.

Class Series 1: Prenatal to Four Month Series: (4 Class Sessions)

Offered at the Pea in the Pod Northpark Location

Class Series 2: Four to Twelve Month Series: (2 Class Sessions)

Offered at the Destination Maternity Galleria Location

Class Series 3: Preemies & Multiples Sleep Teaching (1 Session)

Offered at the Pea in the Pod Northpark Location

Multiples and Preemies have unique journey’s of their own. They often have specific needs which need to be met with a unique care approach to thrive. Learn from the experts about: healthy tandem and preemie routine development, how to meet nutritional requirements and create tandem sleep environments for preemie and multiples sleep teaching.

Mommy & Me Baby Massage Series

(2 Sessions in May, 4 Session in June)

Instructors: Ms. Becky Lee Warner, CPG & Ms. Carol Snelson, CPN

Massage is a wondrous way to bond with your baby; additionally it is a direct way to produce and support healthy system development. Massage supports all the systems in the body to be in alignment with one-another for optimal neurological, circulatory, respiratory, digestive& immune system growth. Massage fosters sensory integration helping you better connect with your baby in a very special way. Join our massage specialist for this Mommy & Me class and enjoy a journey of connection and health with your baby.