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"Bringing a ‘stranger’ into your home can be an awkward feeling and from the moment she stepped in the door we felt like we had known her forever."

Mrs. D

Beautiful Family.jpg

"We can't begin to thank you 3 girls for all you did!

You saved our sanity and loved our boys and I will never forget any of you!!

We will for sure need random nights and you will be my first call!!

And of course if the boys regress at all- you will also be my first call for that too. Thank you for all you do- we are forever indebted!!!

You are all amazing!"

Mrs. D, Dallas, TX

My daughter is our third child and you would have thought we'd have it all down pat by now. She developed severe Reflux/GERD and milk protein sensitivity. We were trapped in the house due to her symptoms, we were getting NO sleep and our baby was miserable. Belly and Beans Associates came highly recommended to us by Baylor Dallas. As my husband and I are practitioners I was ready to grill Christy when she arrived to ensure she was well suited for the task ahead. We had a two hour initial consult knowing we would need help with nights and coaching support as we had never experienced this level of infant reflux and we needed to be able to sleep to function well in demanding careers. Months later we are most grateful, we could not have called better angels to assist us! Our baby is comfortably sleeping 12 hours each night and taking consistent naps. She is happy, no longer in pain and we are well rested parents & doctors. We are now referring anyone who needs support to these amazing, smart, dedicated women!

Dr. Smith, Dallas TX

October 16, 2013

To whom it may concern:

I can highly recommend both Jennessa and Rebecca from Belly & Beans Associates!  They were both instrumental in teaching our babies the skill of sleep.  We always looked forward to  when one of the "sleep magicians" would arrive!

We first met Jennessa and Becca when the twins were ~ 5 months old, adjusted age and waking up every other hour.  Needless to say, my husband and I were completely sleep deprived.  Belly & Beans definition of sleeping through the night is ten to twelve hours.  It was a bit difficult to believe that our babies would ever sleep 12 consecutive hours as we were lucky to get one full hour at a time!  It took time and patience but these ladies delivered on their promise!  11-12 hours is now the norm.  Needless to say, the entire house is now rested and happy!

Jennessa was kind and patient with both the babies and me.  Not only did she take care of my girls, she also provided full support to me while I was learning what it meant to be a new mom of twins.  She created and implemented the overnight schedule as well as day time routines.  Jennessa was able to work with our myriad of care providers to make sure we were consistent in our responses.  She was always prepared with helpful suggestions, recommendations on a variety of topics including sleeping, feeding, milestones and age-appropriate toys.

Becca was very sweet to the girls.  It was always a pleasure waking up and hearing her playing music and entertaining the babies.  Becca was knowledgeable on a variety of topics and always able to offer very helpful suggestions.  She often would observe the girls and recommend ways to encourage them to learn new skills.   She recognized when they were ready for the next step and would help them get there.

We are beyond grateful for all Belly & Beans have done for us - this group of ladies is a game changer!

Sincerely, C&S

Christy, I have to tell you, every time someone asks me how the girls are sleeping at night and I say, "oh, they are sleeping 7pm to 7am, 12 hours." I get this shocked reaction and then they are in awe of me, triplet mom with babies that sleep 12 hours and I LOVE THAT and it is ALL thanks to you!!!

Mrs. Michelle Huse

Super Mom of Preemie Triplets

"Thank you Belly and Beans for coming out to our home today and getting real about postpartum life, what a relief!!!

Just talking to you turned my WHOLE day around, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are most grateful and looking forward to starting night care tonight!

Kelly, Lakewood

"Your sleep and developmental play solutions made a world of difference for us as parents, in our marriage and for our whole family, life is so much better because of you!"

Emily, Dallas

"Ladies, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Here are some sweet treats for you, for the millions of sweet things you do for us each day!"

Karen, Dallas TX

Kim K wrote:

"Christy- you and your practice provide hope to all of us.

Being a momma for the first, second or fifth time is laden with joys and also uncertainty and fears. I am so grateful that you are willing to spend your time, expertise and love with me. I was feeling really "In the weeds" until we met today. It changed my whole mood and perspective. I have hope that things will be better. Thanks for the sleep Christy- my whole family will thank you for it. I look forward to working with you with Maxim. I also look forward to baking for you!"

Well today was my first day back at work, Emma & Ethan are in daycare. I cannot thank you enough for all the tips of how to navigate this new endeavor of working and balancing baby! Oh forgot to mention; (how could I forget?) thank you for the sleep, so nice to start work well rested!"

Anne, Los Angeles

Our coach understood exactly what I was experiencing with my reflux babies, and within minutes she supplied us with techniques and resources that worked immediately when many others we had met with had no clue how to work with us!" 


Mary, Dallas

"Each caregiver and coach was kind, understanding and easy to talk too. My coach helped me with coordinating my breastfeeding with sleep teaching as I returned to work. Now I am actually using the right sized shields for pumping, my milk supply is up and me and my baby are sleeping! Thank you soooo much!"

Jennifer, Southlake, TX

The home care team was so friendly and warm within my home when we got home from the hospital at first I forgot what ya'all were there for and how good you are at what you do! The caregivers were prepared, professionally knowledgeable, notably experienced, mature. and drama free. Each caregiver provided us with real life solutions without pretension, or judgment. It's obvious your team has such BIG hearts as what you do every day is not easy!"

Dr. M. Dallas, TX

Becky cared for our newborn daughter November 2012- February 2013.  During this time she was extremely kind, compassionate and reliable.  We never felt uncomfortable leaving our baby with Becky and are extremely grateful for the love and affection she gave.  I am confident that you will be beyond pleased with selecting Becky and Belly and Beans.  And your baby will too!

Kim R, Dallas TX

My wife, daughter and I had the privilege of working with Belly and Beans for over a year during the most critical developmental months for our set of triplets.

Triplets with Grandma.jpg

Christy, Jessa, Becky and Carol were our team to oversee and lead the 24-hour coverage required to handle the babies care, scheduled administration of reflux medications and mixing of special formulas and breast milk.

They came in to a hectic situation and handled it with a level of poise and with a calming demeanor than transcended throughout our house.  They were able to come in to our household very quickly and professionally allowing us to dictate the amount of control we wanted to exert over the care process, thus reassuring us that our babies were, in fact, our babies.

More important to us, they were a very reassuring influence during a particularly difficult reflux phase each of the children faced.  They each brought a natural intuitiveness to a situation that was anything but the norm for our family – always knowing when to react and when to watch.

The B&B team are such pleasant people and during our time together we often felt as though we were working with an extended family members rather than a professional newborn care specialists.  In fact, my wife, four year old daughter and I always looked forward to the days assigned to us since we knew all was going to be better than okay.

I cannot count the number of mornings I would come in to the nursery and see them singing and dancing with the babies to make them smile and forget about their reflux.

I believe B&B is more than capable to handle multiples or a singleton equally as well and, in my opinion, they are is as good as it gets. The team is now considered honorary family members and will always hold a special place in our heart I know you will feel the same about them.

The Meyers

October 2013


Christy we cannot thank you enough for the support you offered us. With my history of postpartum depression and horrible breastfeeding experience my first go around with M. I never imagined my second could be this easy and the process so peaceful! It’s been a joy to have you here, you will be dearly missed. I am so thankful for all your help and P’s still sleeping through the night.

Hugs, Mr. & Mrs. B. Frisco, TX

Are your ears burning?

I ran into several tired Moms today on my and E’s morning walk and unlike them I had to tell them I wasn’t tired and why, get ready for more calls. Thanks again for everything!

Mrs. M, Keller, TX

I thought the second time around would be easier, but what a shock to handle a newborn and a toddler. Thanks so much for getting my two hooligans on a manageable routine.

I can now enjoy mothering again.

Mrs. H, Dallas, TX

Who would have known H was going to come home over eight weeks early. Thank God we booked you when we did!

Thanks for everything, she’s grown so well and continues to sleep 12 hours each night!

Dr. & Mrs. J. Keller, TX

Christy when we first met I could hardly believe we would accomplish the mountain of goals we discussed! Now four weeks later our son is sleeping 12 hours each night with two healthy daytime naps. The best is he goes down for sleep within 20 to 30 seconds and is so happy when he wakes.

I have my body back and our life back, thank you! I have told everyone I can about how much your program has helped us!

Mr. & Mrs. A, Dallas, TX

Christy's program changed our lives! As a family of medical and psychological professionals we were BIG skeptics at first, but after one visit the results spoke for themselves. This program supported our whole family's sleep, my choice to breastfeed & increased my yield, taught positive sleeping and playing skills to our son and improved our marriage by decreasing the baby stress in our home. Christy we cannot thank you enough; we will continue to sing your praises!

Dr. S: Dallas, TX