Chic Baby Solutions

A Postpartum Wellness Practice

Empowering families with confidence, support and encouragement throughout their baby journey.


Our care team consists of top postpartum caregivers whom have the ability and desire to provide a collaborative, encouraging and supportive relationship with clients, offering both a responsive and proactive care approach to postpartum care.

We work together in continuity to provide our clients with an enjoyable custom experience of care throughout their baby journey.

Our bookings can run as little as two weeks to over a years time. Our caregivers are focused on providing support for upwards of two years for specialty cases.

Our Postpartum Care Specialties

* Baby & Mother Support * Mothers Recovery Care *

* Lactation, Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding Support *

* Comprehensive Newborn Care * Sleep Teaching *

* Parent Education * Colic/Reflux/GERD/Milk Protein Allergy Care *

* Multiples' Care * Preemies* Special Needs Home Care * 

* Layette Care *

* Green Baby & Conventional Baby Care*

Our Customized Care Packages

Our Specialty Scope of Care includes: Baby & Parents Postpartum Care Support

Our goal is to not just provide comprehensive newborn and baby care but to also provide support to the birth recovering Mother with comfort techniques, lactation, adoptive mother, surrogate and the growing family as a whole within our postpartum care specialties.

Postpartum Care Support Office

Our office is available to prospective clients five days a week and open to existing clients daily for contact and emergencies. clients . Please call upon us should you have questions, require a sub, need additional care or need to make changes to your care request. We provide support to families and caregivers alike during your reservation with us.

Additionally, we provide support to your family throughout your baby journey through our networking partnerships with local and national parent groups, hospitals, birth centers, Destination Maternity and parent support groups. Additional care services include: Parent & Sleep Coaching, Classes, Support Groups and Pediatric Service Providers.

Providing You with Options of Proactive & Responsive Styles of Care

Responsive caregivers provide a responsive style of care approach by feeding, changing and soothing babies while following a routine and/or choice of "on demand" parenting approach set and led by the parents' plan for their babies and home. Responsive caregivers also provide emotional and physical support to the recovering and new Mother/parents. They will provide parent education upon request and will often not be focused on much routine development or sleep teaching but rather "on demand feedings, sleeping and baby wearing styles of parenting." Our Postpartum Doulas and Night Nannies sleep when the baby is sleeping during the night after all their duties are complete to remain rested to best help the family through nightly and 24/7 care.

Proactive caregivers provide a maturely skilled, proactive approach capable of applying their skill set through hands on requested guiding and leading of new parents through routine development expertise, organized feedings and sleep teaching for naps/bedtimes and morning waking times, provide care solutions, goal collaboration, communication, kindness and understanding. Our proactive caregivers thrive in homes where parents desire a scheduled and/or routined environments and also are open to caring for babies when the family are not present or have stepped out for an activity. Proactive caregivers also concentrate on sleep teaching through our no-cry it out, kind Six Keys techniques from the start of your baby coming home from their birth to help establish the baby's natural rhythms and meet their caloric intake requirements for growth while also teaching the difference between night and day. If you are parents who like to have a plan then a proactive caregiver is what you'll benefit most from.

Full Descriptions of Our Specialty Care

Mother's Recovery Care

Comfortable sleep solutions for a recovering mother, naturally treating episiotomies, water retention, constipation, C-section recovery, breast care for breastfeeding Moms, medication administration and record keeping, keeping Mom hydrated, preparing meals for Mom for breast milk production, caring for Mom to prevent and support Mother's with postpartum blues and relieve stress.

We are a non-fear based care practice free of judgment.

We fully support a parents choice to feed and lovingly care for their baby in the way they feel is best for them and their families.

Breastfeeding Support

Each of the breastfeeding Moms we support with postpartum home care receives a detailed up-to-date breastfeeding guide filled with Q&A’s and medically sound how to videos for the support your breastfeeding journey.

Our guide also provides a Mother's nutritional journal and yield journal to record breastfeeding and/or pumping sessions for you to be able to track your yield and babies caloric intake together to easily read patterns, should you like to do so.

Orientation of care tools you will need for successful breastfeeding, breast pump education, understanding of nipple creams, breast pads/bras and other helpful breastfeeding tools. 

Routine development tips as to how to establish a proactive yielding regimen alongside a proactive newborn care routine to establish the difference between day and night from the start while establishing a strong yield and recovery rest for Mom.

O&A about all things milk such as: proper care of human milk, nutritional choices to support your breast milk, teaching latch techniques for Mom and baby, supplements to increase/decrease your yield, how to begin the weaning process and also provide proper care of human milk storage.

Referrals to outstanding lactation consultants who will come to your home to provide a exam consultation, diagnosis and treatment of your situation.

Bottle/Formula Feeding Support

Clarification of the eight formula categories, including their protein & lactose complexes. How different formulas can affect growth, digestive comfort, absorption rates, digestion abilities, elimination abilities and impact sleep for your baby: explaining how this is essential to growth, development and sleep teaching. 

Understanding the difference of therapeutic bottles and standard commercial bottles and how your baby can greatly benefit from a bottle which is designed for meeting their particular mouth shape can greatly minimize air taken in during feedings, gas and increase correct bottle latch, feeding efficiency, caloric intake and comfort for your little one.

Understanding bottle and nipple sizes/shapes for your baby's unique mouth shape, reaching their soft & hard palette due to nipple and tongue length, providing breast feeding journey support, and age/stage techniques all to promote optimal feedings by both breast and bottle as your baby's sucking reflexes grow make a huge difference for babies, sleep and parents too!

Our Comprehensive Newborn Care

Our comprehensive newborn care provides home care for your baby through the following evidence based care techniques, which are intended to optimize your baby's health and growth.

Preemie, multiples and newborn bathing techniques, skin and hair care, cradle cap care, circumcision care, and umbilical cord care. We will monitor and support the nursery's and your baby's sleep environment and temperature, support air circulation, congestion levels, sleep safety, non-REM & REM sleeping patterns, sucking & feeding abilities, elimination abilities, weight gain, digestive comfort and overall caloric intake.

We will provide professional baby massages

to promote healthy circulation among many other bodily systems benefits. We offer information & assistance in defining the various categories & benefits of formulas, provide hands on breastfeeding assistance and treatment tips on how to treat gas, constipation, milk protein intolerance, reflux/GERD and colic though evidence based care techniques.

During our home care you'll receive a keepsake developmental journal in which we will record the day to day progress of your newborn(s). 

Our Layette Care

Within our home care you may request assistance in keeping the nursery stocked with care products while you are recovering at home.

We will tidy the nursery, re-stock the nursery with care products, care for all breastfeeding & bottle feeding supplies, make bottles for the daytime and wash all baby's laundry and a breastfeeding mothers' lactation laundry.

Our Healthy Sleep Teaching 

Our approach to early sleep teaching is a gentle, proactive approach created to foster healthy sleep from the start, and build healthy sleep skills for a lifetime.

Would you like your baby to learn the difference from day and night from the beginning?

Would you like your baby to learn gentle going to sleep, staying asleep and returning to sleep skills to be capable of sleeping through the night through their body's natural rhythms.

In general; our well babies learn to sleep through the night for 10-12 hours time, by 12-14 weeks of age.

Our Parent Education

First time new parents, new parents of multiples, parents who are soon approaching caring for a newborn in addition to siblings and parents expecting a specialty care baby all have many questions.

Parents are asking us daily how to complete specific care tasks with ease while promoting the physical and emotional needs of their little ones.

Our home care, caregivers bring a great wealth of experience and professional education to your home. They desire to support you by answering your questions, and working alongside you by providing you with hands on instruction when you would like to receive these services.


  • Learn all about your special growing newborn!
  • Hands on instructional care for parent's who desire to learn how to care for their new baby(s) care needs. 
  • Learn How to Discover your Newborns Temperament
  • Learn How to Distinguish the Sounds of your Baby's Language
  • Learn Newborn Bonding Techniques
  • Learn Infant Massage Techniques
  • Learn "Happiest Baby on the Block" Soothing Techniques
  • Learn how to implement healthy sleep teaching from the start!
  • Your many baby care questions are answered!

Parent Education Materials & Prenatal Preparations

Each of our postpartum home care families' receive a complimentary prenatal consultation with your caregiver at your home to prepare for your care when you book our services before your baby has been born.

Families receive our parent education materials & newborn care journals to support them throughout their home care journey.