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Empowering families with confidence, support and encouragement throughout their baby journey.

Home Care FAQ's

Are you an agency?

We are not an agency. We are a private practice of professionally certified and credentialed postpartum care practitioners and caregivers who work with one another in continuity of care as an associate’s team.

Where are your caregivers located?

Our care giving associates consist of caregivers who are registered through both our central and coastal offices.

Locations include: 

  • TEXAS: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio & Austin
  • GEORGIA: Atlanta & Suburbs
  • CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, San Diego & San Francisco, Mill Valley, Silicon Valley & Napa.
  • COLORADO: Denver, Aspen, Beaver Creek & Pagosa Springs
  • WASHINGTON: Seattle (Eastside & Westside to Burlington/B.C.)
  • NEW MEXICO: Santa Fe
  • ARIZONA: Phoenix, Tempe & Scottsdale
  • OHIO: Cleveland, Cincinnati & Columbus
  • NEW YORK: Manhattan, Jersey, Long Island and the Eastern Coastline
  • CONNECTICUT: Greenwich and surrounding area
  • FLORIDA: Palm Beach, Wellington, Orlando, & Miami

Our national network of postpartum caregivers is capable of supporting families as needed basically wherever they are located.

Our caregivers do travel to families to support requests and have traveled with our families on vacation and to their field work locations globally.

What shifts do your caregivers prefer to work?

Caregivers most commonly work 8 to 14 hour night and/or daytime postpartum home care shifts. Requests range from 3 to 7 nights/days a week to providing a reserved care team of 24/7 home care.

Do your caregivers work 24/7 bookings?

Our caregivers often work 12 hour reserved shifts as part of a B&B reserved care team for jobs requiring 24/7 care.

We do not encourage our caregivers to work 24/7 shifts alone.

We have found this style of working leads to caregiver exhaustion and carelessness, then the family ultimately receives a lesser quality of care throughout their booking.

How long do families book caregivers for bookings?

Length of care averages two weeks to four months for well babies; and upwards of a year's time for specialty care for busy families who require extended care and for baby's with specialty care needs.

Do you require a minimum of home care to book with your team?

We do require a minimum of three eight hour shifts each week, for two weeks of night or daytime home care for advanced booking reservations.

Do your caregivers get along and have the same approach to routine support and sleep teaching when working as a team; are they accustom to working in continuity?

Our caregivers are emotionally mature and not egocentric, but are rather dedicated to helping families through continuity of care and collaboration. They often prefer to work as a team to be able to provide stellar care to families without becoming heavily sleep deprived themselves.

Do we get to interview and choose our caregivers?

Our caregivers are presented by our office to our clients based on matching dynamics, then interviewed by clients, chosen by client's and then reserved for families specific care needs and are often booked 4 to 6 months in advance.

How can we offer our wholistic approach to care?

Our caregiver’s career of choice is postpartum care.

They are driven to provide excellence; fully dedicated to being the best within this industry. They have worked hard to obtain their credentials, and they must have a minimum of four years' recent, consecutive postpartum care experience in addition to the completion of their training practicum hours and four years experience post practicum to work with our team.

Why do we choose to offer our wholistic approach to care? 

We are passionate about excellence in family care as we thoroughly understand what quality of care is and is not. We have repaired many under educated & under experienced caregivers work, as they over-stated their abilities to families only to condition babes, Moms and families to unhealthy, inaccurate and sometimes dangerous habits.

Examples of situations we have fixed:

Moms not receiving the breastfeeding support they need through up to date, accurate consultations & hands on assistance; resulting in unbalanced milk supply's, improper latch, milk blisters, engorgement, low production, & non-sustainable lactation schedules.

Babies being placed down for sleep in unsafe sleeping environments.

Babies not meeting their growth requirements due to lack of caloric intake needs being met. Babies eating formulas they are allergic & intolerant too. Under educated caregivers trying to implement cry-it-out techniques with young and under weight babies.

Caregivers not properly caring for preemies up to developmental standard; attempting to prematurely apply sleep teaching methods on preemies, specialty care infants, and babies with significant feeding, reflux and GERD issues.

Babies who are overtired as their sleep environments and daily routines are not age appropriate. Due to this they are regularly too tired to eat & are loosing weight and temperature from lack of developmentally appropriate support.

Parental exhaustion, frustration & discouragement, increased postpartum depression, chronic sleep deprivation, spousal stress, babes & parents needlessly being up around the clock causing home life to be simply miserable.