Chic Baby Solutions

A Postpartum Wellness Practice

Empowering families with confidence, support and encouragement throughout their baby journey.

We get it!

We are parents ourselves!

We know what it is like to be sleep deprived, to experience no time for self care, let alone have time for spouse and family relationship support when caring for babies. We have been there, in the times when it has been dark, treacherous and ugly, when your covered in spit up, Reflux/GERD has been relentless, you haven't had a shower for two days, your hair is falling out and sleep is a luxury of the past.

Families we have supported have consisted of mother’s recovering from birth, breastfeeding and bottle feeding families, singletons, preemies, twins, triplets, babies with medical specialty needs, babes and Moms with specialized nutritional plans, support of reflux-GERD, proteins intolerances, colic, supporting Moms through baby blues, postpartum depression and also assisting families through consults, classes and support groups when preparing for baby and for new Moms.

As educators we passionately understand the value of early development.

As a majority of the brains early development takes place within the first four years of life, we believe babies can learn long-term skills if we provide them with learning tools and developmental environments.

Due to this; our parent coaching program provides holistic age/stage developmental support for babies to thrive, by progressing through our six keys to sleep and developmental success.

Our Advanced Certified Sleep Wellness Consultant

Mrs. Christy Bunting-Hill, CANCS, CAISC


Christy attended Southwestern University for her undergraduate studies in education, development and counseling psychology. She received her private school teaching certification through the ACSI during her seven year teaching career. Alongside Christy’s teaching schedule she provided part-time postpartum care for private families in Dallas, TX from 1994-1998.

In 1998 she chose to return full-time to her first love of supporting postpartum families.

She enrolled in postpartum evidence based care training in Seattle, WA and was offered several back to back positions, ultimately supporting Northwest families for a decade!

In 2008, Christy returned to Dallas, TX permanently providing postpartum home care, and attending parent coaching training to refine her coaching skills to better help families reach their parenting, family and lifestyle goals.

In 2010-2011; she completed her “Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist” and “Certified Advanced Infant Sleep Consultant” certifications, including education, the exam, and a required whopping 10,000.00 hour practicum, receiving both advanced certifications through the “Newborn Care Specialist Association.”

Belly and Beans Associates has since opened a second office in Woodland Hills, CA while support clients globally.

With twenty three years' experience & training in postpartum wellness & consulting methods she's supported of hundreds of families by developing tools to best support her clients with confidence. She attends yearly CEU's in parent coaching, consulting and postpartum wellness to better serve her clients. She authored our "Babyversity" curriculum, teaches, and guest speaks at Mother's groups, hospitals and industry related conferences.