Chic Baby Solutions

A Postpartum Wellness Practice

Empowering families with confidence, support and encouragement throughout their baby journey.

Industry Standard Rates

Hourly rates are based on: location, availability, each individual specialists' credentials, experience level, skill set abilities and the scope of practice required for your support.

Average Postpartum Support Rates:

$25 to $50 per hour


Booking with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Call Our Office or Visit our Contact Us Page & Fill out our "Postpartum Support Request Form."

Schedule your FREE Solutions Consult with one of our Postpartum Solutions Directors who will actively listen, support and guide you through crafting a "Custom Postpartum Solutions Plan." 

Pay our practice reservation fee to begin your postpartum solutions reservation.


2) Your Postpartum Solutions Reservation is Secured: begin the hand selection of your specialist(s) and begin interviews:

Our office will utilize the information gathered from your FREE Solutions Consult to hand select profiles of specialists' uniquely suited for your tailored family request.

*** B&B Specialists have undergone an extensive personal and professional interview process, credentialing verification screening, health screening, work history reliability screening and background investigation with our company. We will gladly provide you with specialists' portfolios you choose to retain for your support.


3) Finalize your "Custom Postpartum Solutions Plan" with our Reservation Contract & Retainer

(Retainer is 30% of your reservation)

Our contract reserves your support within our practices' client schedule, postpartum specialist(s) and your family. 

The contract has been created to support all involved to be on the same page within our commitment to one-another.

Your retainer will be credited to you in full throughout the final timeline of your reservation with us.

***** Your reservation includes the support and solutions of our practice as a whole, which includes: our care office, parenting resources, specialist accountability & reliability, back-up support should your specialist become ill/have an emergency and support should you and your specialist not be working out well.

Additionally, we are here for basic solution based consulting, (advanced consulting at additional rates) and creative team building should you require various specialist expertise over the course of your reservation.

***** Specialists' receive private training's and support through our solutions office.


4) BONUS!!!! Each family who books with us in 2017 will receive a complimentary 90 minute "Postpartum Preparations Consult" supported by their chosen specialist to help prepare you and your home for your upcoming baby journey!

Are you wondering what our recommended baby products are, how to set up your home to support your body healing, how to set up your nursery for optimal sleep? Your caregiver can offer you so many helpful solutions to help you be ahead in preparing for your baby's and your body's care postpartum!

Postpartum Care Reservation Fee

Postpartum Care Reservations Require a $250.00 reservation fee to reserve your selected care provider on your behalf.

Please keep in mind: top specialist retention, hand verified screenings, continuing education training's, support & accountability, selection of specialists personalities, skill sets & availability to your custom request, coordination and follow-up of interviews, creation and signing of your reservation contract, retainer allocation and postpartum office support throughout your pregnancy and throughout your postpartum journey require daily office personnel.

Postpartum Care Emergency Subs

Specialists and families have emergencies, and get sick during reservations.

As we are a practice and work in continuity we are here to help cover extra shifts needed, or supply a substitute specialist should your reserved specialist need to get well or have an emergency. We do our very best to ensure you are covered as needed 24/7. If a caregiver is not available or your family is contagiously sick we will work with you to assemble an alternative coverage plan.

Postpartum Travel Care

Our specialists do travel with families and to families nationally and internationally, travel requests can be made and are best to be arranged in advance to secure your request. Families are responsible for all travel expenses including: meals, transportation and accommodations.

Travel rates are often provided as "daily care rates" per 24 hour period.

Please call our office for details.

Postpartum Parents-Night-Out Care

Parents night out or emergency temporary care requires a four hour minimum and is based on caregiver availability.

Please call our main office with your request.

Our Postpartum Support Reservation Fee & Reservation Contracts 

Our families have shared with us they prefer the security our reservation fee & reservation contracts provide; reserving our practice for their support journey, a specific specialist(s) on their behalf for their reservation in addition to having our solutions office support team throughout their baby journey.

We believe everyone being on the same page from the beginning is essential to a long-term healthy working relationship; providing security of support for families and specialists alike.

Specialist Skill Set Descriptions

Night Nannies

Our elemental level specialists are in the process of completing their CNCS (Certified Newborn Care Specialists) practicums, (individual practicums on average require: 1800 to 4500 hours' of specific case work experience based on desired level of certification.)

Our Night Nannies must have completed their Newborn Care Specialist course training and be within a mentor-ship program for exams and certification. Our NN's must have recent postpartum care experience including: experience caring for singletons, newborn multiples, preemies and both breastfeeding and bottle feeding families from birth to six months of age. Elemental caregivers provide a responsive care approach, feedings, changing and soothing babies while following a routine set and led by the parents' plan for their babies. Night nannies sleep when the baby is sleeping during the night.

Approximate Pricing Range: $25 to $28 Hour Nightly

*** Night Nannies practicum rates are only available in specific locations & based on availability.

Certified Newborn Care Specialists & Certified Postpartum Doulas

Certified/Credentialed NCS and Certified Postpartum Doulas (DONA, CAPPA, IBC, ProDoula) must have completed their professional education and practicum.

In addition; they must have completed at least: 

four consecutive years of recent postpartum home care experience after the completion of their training and be capable of providing both responsive and proactive care on behalf of a family and their newborn(s).

Proactive care requires a caregiver to be capable of applying their skill set through hands on guiding and leading of new parents through expertise, solutions, collaboration, communication, kindness and understanding.

Caregivers must have comprehensive experience caring for singletons, newborn/preemie multiples, singleton preemies, both breastfeeding and bottle feeding families, have studied and worked with Reflux, GERD, colic and sleep teaching from birth to six months of age.

Approximate Pricing Range: $25 to $40 Hourly

*** Rates are based on industry stabdard market rates within location and skill set scope of practice.

Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialists

CANCS's are Experts.

In addition to meeting the expectations of a standard level CNCS and often also Certified Postpartum Doula; our advanced specialists must have at least ten consecutive years of recent postpartum support experience and their credentials up to date.

Advanced specialists have been professionally educated with a strong history of excellence in hands on skill set implementation for top level cases, they often also work as lead consultants in observations, evaluations, assessment and solutions based case work.

Advanced Specialists are often reserved for sensitive cases within Mother's Recovery Care, including: Moms who have been high risk, on prolonged bed rest and prenatal medications to prolong pregnancy which can affect both a Mom's physical recovery and mental state of being postpartum, working to support Moms who are experiencing postpartum depression & blues.

CANCS provide proactive; pattern tracking and "evaluation/assessment/solutions" level breast feeding and bottle feeding support, hands on breastfeeding/teaching support, understanding of caloric intake calculations requirements for sustaining weight and for growth, fortifying and supplementation techniques, extensive experience working with GERD and reflux babies, understanding of formula proteins & lactose complexities for ease of absorption-digestion & elimination, proactive newborn care for preemies, high order multiples, babies on monitors, babies with specialized caloric intake needs, preemie care, adjusted age sleep teaching due to preterm birth and hands-on parent education.

Approximate Pricing Range: $35 to $65 Hour

Registered Pediatric Baby Nurses  

(Pediatric/NICU/Lactation RN's, LVN's, LPN's)

Our RN's must be current in their credentials as a Pediatric and/or NICU RN. You cannot work through us as a general RN, you must be specialized in "pediatrics, postpartum care and/or lactation".

In addition: our RN's must have undergone evidence based postpartum specialist training to gain "home-care" postpartum skills throughout the standard out of hospital support timeline of the first six months' postpartum. RN's must be capable of supporting a recovering mother, a well baby family after the first few days of birth and/or special care newborn/newborns after an NICU or extended care nursery stay.

RN's then must complete a postpartum home care practicum successfully understanding how to be a home care based "Baby Nurse". Learning how to apply their skill set within a family's home setting in lieu of a hospital, as home care is a specialized skill set & approach to care.

Our RN's are required to have at least four consecutive years of stellar work history experience working in private homes in addition to their medical work and practicum.

Approximate Pricing Range: $35 to $75 Hourly