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How do you define sleeping through the night?

We view sleeping through the night as 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep, as the body needs this length of time to support deep REM sleep cycles to provide the restorative support for a baby’s health.

Do all your sleep coaching families have their babies sleeping in a crib?

Families sleep expectations do differ as some would like their babes to sleep in a crib, within their nursery all night long for 10 to 12 hours a night. Others may prefer their babes to co-sleep in a co-sleeper next to their bed and do not mind waking to feed their newborn once or twice a night. For other families; they may desire a hybrid of the two. Some families may even have a family sharing sleeping bed or sleeping room for all siblings to sleep together. In general the families we support are all unique, yet our goal is wellbeing and healthy life long sleep nutrition through positive, connection supportive sleep teaching.

Do you practice cry-it-out sleep training? 

No, we do not.

CIO does not teach babies who grow to be adults; life long positive sleep teaching habits.

CIO also does not support the physical body in developing balanced hormonal release before and during sleep to support "quality sleep nutrition", development, growth and immune system health, which is vital work our bodies complete during sleep; aiding lifelong wellbeing.

Sleep is a restorative & building state for our bodies, but must be entered without emotional or physical stress and free of cortisol release for quality sleep support. Sleep impacts our bodily systems health, learning, memory, intellect, growth and abilities to function during wakefulness.

CIO works against our essential physical, biological & emotional needs and rather teaches sleep through forced behavior non-response which does nothing but teach parents to ignore their baby or child, teaching the baby/child you will not be responded to so you mine as well collapse into sleep through being exhausted from crying. Additionally babies and children left to cry then enter sleep in a high cortisol saturated bodily state, which works against quality biological sleep rhythm building chemistry. CIO does not build lifelong positive sleep skills to aid in healthy sleep for a lifetime.

We provide gentle, bond & sensory supportive “Sleep Teaching” to teach your baby health life-long sleep skills not non-responsive/extinction based sleep training.

We can do this as our sleep teaching program has been designed to teach both you and your baby the implementation of new soothing skills only after we have implemented essential physiological support, nutritional needs are met, a developmentally accurate and environmentally optimal sleep supporting nursery is implemented, and your family balance and routine support techniques are working for you and baby.

This is not to say your baby may not fuss or experience confusion and respond to this confusion through frustration when you’re routine and responses begin to change. However; we do not believe in allowing a baby to be left alone to cry, in the dark for periods of time.  

This is the gentlest and most effective approach to take when sleep teaching, as this is the only way to be assured all your babies needs are being met within a 24 hour day, when sleep teaching them. Often we find babies are not sleeping due to one of our six keys not being met within a babies care regimen, we often make these changes and healthy sleep becomes a natural result of this change. 

Our holistic behavioral approach yields outstanding results while bettering the bond of parents and child through developing a healthy, holistic balance within your home’s rhythm for optimal thriving.

Healthy sleep and improved life balance are a natural result of this journey and we find these results to be more permanent and customized than forced behavioral extinction methods.

Please be advised; our program is not a:

“One Size Fits All Program!”

Our sleep program was intentionally created as a progression plan capable of customizing itself to meet the unique needs of each baby and family we work with through our knowledge of many sleep teaching implementation techniques. 

This said, if you are looking for a quick fix, they often do not exist, and if we do discover one for your family it will be after we have completed your intake session, as we have collected the vital information we need to assess your situation at that time and will then work with you to implement techniques quickly to make a difference on your behalf.

What is a Sleep Plan?

A “Belly and Beans Sleep Plan” is made up of our six keys to healthy sleep in action on behalf of your baby and family. Your sleep plan will be designed as the foundation for meeting your sleep goals throughout your baby’s development. 

As sleep is ever growing and changing as your babes grow, sleep teaching is continuously in motion adjusting to accommodate every new stage a baby journeys through. These stages are big steps within development and each babe moves at their own pace, as their bodies see fit.

How is sleep taught?

Sleep is not made up of sleep alone, rather healthy sleep is created and supported for each baby through a series of key components, including development, nutrition, routine, environment, daytime activity and naps. Much like a recipe for success; when these components are in balance healthy sleep is a natural result.

Are there any non-negotiables when sleep teaching?

It is realistic to know our six keys have been developed around current sleep science and due to this there are some non-negotiables when exploring approaches to a sleep plan development: as sleep science itself teaches us again and again what will not change due to the way our natural biological rhythms operate.

How are you an original program?

Our holistic approach cannot be found on any bookshelf, we know as we have read and continue to read all the sleep books out there! It also rarely exists within the sleep coaching circles, as most sleep coaches do not have professional education in development, education, behavioral studies and family life dynamics or over two decades of hands on newborn and mother’s postpartum care experience which our team processes.

How long is the sleep coaching journey?

As babes grow; their sleep grows and changes too!

Babes encounter their second sleep teaching stage at four months of age, lasting until approximately 6-9 months and then again from nine to eighteen months. Our sleep coaching options provide support through six years of age as not to leave parents guessing what to do next with their transitioning baby and children after only three months age!

Why would I need support at specific times throughout my babes first year?

Sleep teaching stages require routine and sleep environment adjustments to both day and nighttime sleep nutrition to adjust to babes physiologically needing less overall sleep within a 24 hour cycle. At this time REM sleep patterns also change due to neurological development. These developments can cause night waking. In addition; babes also encounter teething, language & motor skill development such as talking, rolling over, crawling and pulling up on their crib. All of these sleep disruptions contribute to night and early nap waking.

Scientific sleep stages are:

Birth up to Four Months Time

Four Months up to 9 Months Time

9 Months up to 18 Months Time

18 Months up to 2.5 Years Time

2.5 Years Onward

Can you coach babies with reflux/GERD or other specialty care needs?

Reflux, GERD, nutritional sensitivities and other special needs can be a wild life interrupter and babes which may have reflux challenges and/or other special needs which need to be monitored and supported within sleep teaching often require specialized sleep support. Environmental, nutritional and behavioral factors to support specialty needs are offered within our coaching approach and often make a world of difference for families.

How does our coaching team educate itself to be at our best for you?

Our team is continually studying, creating and learning new sleep teaching techniques through the continuing education seminars and conferences we attend within the sleep teaching, educational &behavioral industries at large. This is in addition to our undergraduate work in education, development and family studies.

How many clients do you support at a time?

To ensure our ability to remain customized, unlike many other coaching programs; we cap the amount of families we care for each week, monthly and yearly to ensure a truly customized coaching experience at a pace which work for our clients and coaches alike.

Why don’t you offer only sleep coaching packages like other coaches do?

When we say our program is custom, we really mean it!

We do not use auto generated plans. We believe the well-being of your family is paramount! Our coaching is a boutique style coaching experience designed to be capable of customizing the coaching journey to fit each families unique needs.

We write each plan for each family specifically for them. We can confidently provide this support as we have professional educational evaluator backgrounds in addition to our postpartum home care and parent coaching training.

This is why we don’t offer only a group of coaching packages like other coaches do; as we feel it is very important to have the freedom as practitioners to move at the speed and response level of babies and a family’s’ needs, rather than being driven by meeting the parameters of a coaching package.

Some families may only need hourly or half hour support, while other families need more comprehensive support, everyone is unique and so are their sleep teaching needs. Our style also prevents families from purchasing services they may not end up needing.