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After chatting with our sleep coach and confirming our sleep teaching program is the right fit for your family...

Please pay for your:

"Six Keys to Sleep Intake Questionnaire, Assessment and Intake Coaching Session" through the PayPal pay button you will receive within your session booking email, and then return to this webpage to "click" on the intake form link to complete your questionnaire.

Upon clicking the "click" option: you will enter your coaching password and be automatically redirected to your questionnaire; please enter the password your coach provided you with and complete your intake questionnaire. You can save the questionnaire as you go when working on it overtime, or to fully complete the form all at once you will need up to 90 minutes.

After you have fully completed the questionnaire and submitted it:

Please email your coach assessment session availability times of up to 1.5 hours over several dates which will work best for you.

(the intake session cannot be any less than 48 hours from the completion of your questionnaire, as your coach will need time to assess your responses and prepare for your coaching session.)

*** When beginning sleep coaching it is best to pick at least a two week window when you are not travelling, or have multiple activity and/or event demands on your personal schedule. Should you choose to have one of our home care caregivers implement the plan on your behalf this will provide you with the most freedom of time outlay and sleep every night you choose to book care.***

Thank you for choosing Belly and Beans Associates for your sleep consulting, we look forward to making a difference on your behalf.