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FREE Preliminary Consulting Discovery Call

  15 minute chat with our consultant to ensure our commitment based consulting program is a right fit for your family.

Please contact our consulting office at: for a 15 minute appointment:

or Visit our Contact Us Page & fill out our "Reservation Request Form" and our consult will contact you by phone.


STEP TWO: Like what were about?

  1. Let us know by emailing:

  2. Pay for your Intake Questionnaire/Intake Session

  3. Fill Out Our "Six Keys to Sleep Intake Questionnaire"

  4. Schedule your Intake Assessment Consultancy Session with your Coach


Christy, your coach will provide you with a password for your Intake Questionnaire.

Next: Your coach will send you an invoice to pay for your questionnaire assessment and intake coaching session, and then go to our "Sleep Consultant Intake Questionaire Page" to access and fill out your intake questionnaire.

The questionnaire is a digital form which was created to be easy to fill out. You will need at least 90 minutes to fill it out and you can save it as you go and return to it as you have time to work on it.

As we want you to get back to sleeping quickly with your sleep challenges SOLVED our questionnaire is a hard working sleep detective covering all six of our six keys to sleep plus a bonus custom client section for you to share with us specifically about YOU and your family's preferences!!!

After completing your questionnaire please submit it to us and then email your coach several windows of time/days as to when your family is available for your intake coaching session.

STEP THREE: Six Keys to Sleep; Intake Assesstment Session

Phone/iChat Session

Our intake sessions are designed to not be rushed, but rather to personally get to know you, your baby and your families rhythm. Every family we work with is unique, has questions, preferences and concerns.

This is the time to share with your coach any thoughts you have and also highlight anything that stood out to you from our questionnaire. Your intake consult is the avenue in which we are able to connect to be assured we are helping your family with solution development the way you'd prefer to be helped.

Your coach will have reviewed your "Six Keys to Sleep Intake Questionnaire" in full prior to your intake consult. Your coach will then create custom questions to bring to your intake to determine clarity of your family style preferences.

In addition; your coach will meet you, your baby and any caregivers you have had come to the intake session. Your coach will complete observation and evaluation of your babes sleeping environment via your tech gear for optimal sleep teaching, observation of feeding support tools and caloric intake, and observation of baby's responses to you and you to your baby should you need to place baby to sleep during our session.

For a few families the intake session is all they need: those families often proceed with weekly, monthly or quarterly "sleep teaching sessions" for follow-up support as they progress.

MOST families desire to have a sleep plan created after their intake session to follow on a day to day basis to success. In this case: Information relayed and collected at your intake session will be used to create a custom sleep plan on your behalf.


Intake Questionnaire, Assessment & Consultancy Session: $350.00

(Intake Session: Up to Two Hours)

Intake Multiples Questionnaire, Assessment & Consultancy Session: $350.00

(Intake Session: Twins & Triplets: Up to Two Hours)


Custom Sleep Plan Creation & Implementation Support

  • CUSTOM Written Six Keys Holistic Plan Created personally by your consultant and supported by your consultant!

  • Up to 60 Minute Plan Implementation Review Session to get you off on the right foot!

  • Up to four 30 Minute Follow Up Phone Sessions (two per week) within your 14 days plan implementation to answer your questions and assist you in reaching your sleep goals.

  • One daily email and text support directly with your coach (M-F) for 14 days duration from the start of your plan implementation to completion of the 14 days/nights. 

A written plan is designed as a recipe to move sequentially; step by step through intentional parent responses. Your plan will be created, presented to you by your coach and reviewed in detail with you through a up to one hour implementation phone consultant session.

Your consultant will provide up to four follow up sessions of up to 30 minutes each after you have begun to implement your plan within the fourteen days of plan implementation to support you through the sleep teaching process. 

Plan Creation & 1 - 1 Implementation Support: $495.00

Multiples Plan Creation & 1 - 1 Implementation Support: $595.00

*** Our sleep plans are not quick "auto generated plans" rather they are CUSTOM written plans, based on your preferences and your baby's unique needs.. Our plans are written on our sleep plan template to help manage all the information to best help parents succeed through our 14 day/night six keys to sleep, sleep teaching program.

Additional Coaching Services:

As your baby grows and changes and/or you have some questions you'd like to ask our experts, we offer:

Individual Phone or iChat Video Consultancy Sessions

$125.00 per session.

Additionally includes one follow up email to send related work sheets, instructions, resources and a progress check in.  

Consultancy Reservation Agreements 

for Six Weeks to a Year

Our consultant schedules fill up fast and we have a limited amount of clients we can support at one time!

Families desiring to secure our coaches for their baby journey often pre-book pre-scheduled sleep and postpartum consultancy reservations for weekly or monthly sessions for six weeks to a year knowing they will have a plethora of questions including: sleep, nutrition, routine development, developmental play, returning to work, breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, comprehensive newborn care, layette care etc.

These sessions will be booked and charged monthly on your credit card at the beginning of each month. These custom reserved sessions will be provided within a specialty consultancy window reserved exclusively for pre-scheduled client care.

Custom Updated Age/Stage Developmental Sleep Plan Creation

  • Updated Age/Stage Sleep Plan Created

  • 60 Minute Update Phone Session

  • Up to Four 30 Minute Plan Progress Sessions

  • Two weeks of one daily email/text support (M-F) during the 14 days duration of your two week support package.

  • 30 Minute Final Follow Up Phone Session to secure plan completion.

Ask yourselves:

  • Has your baby aged out of their previous plan; and are not sleeping for regular naps or are no longer tired during the day?
  • Is your baby now waking at night after sleeping through the night for sometime?
  • Have they developed new motor skills or teeth?
  • Has their reflux journey changed?
  • Are these new skills and fangs interrupting your baby’s sleep?
  • This is more common than you might think!

Parents, who have already purchased custom sleep plan for one stage of their baby’s development, often require an update for their next stage. Common stages are: birth to four months, four months to nine months, nine months to eighteen months and eighteen months to three years. This plan update includes extension to your existing sleep plan, an updated parent guide, and up to an hour plan update review session by phone to answer your questions and keep you moving forward!

Updated Singleton Plan $495.00

Updated Multiples Plan $595.00

At Your Home Hourly Observation & Evaluation Care

$75.00 Hourly

Hourly observation, evaluation & assessment services are provided after a family has completed an intake session and the coach and/or family feel it is necessary to complete an extended observation, evaluation & assessment to determine a custom transitional approach for creating a sleep plan for your family due to your babes particular specialty needs.

***** Your Observation/Evaluation/Assessment will be provided by an advanced level/expert sleep consultant.

Please note your consultant will support you in understanding the tools they will need to complete your observation/evaluation/assessment before arriving at your home.

Evaluations require a four hour minimum and eight hour max per visit.

You may choose to schedule an extended observation and evaluation through overnight proactive care, or daytime proactive care to help narrow down what sleep disturbances your baby is experiencing.

During this evaluation your coach will learn about your home’s rhythm and your baby/babies through observation, which can include many of the following: your babes sleeping environment for optimal sleep teaching, monitoring of sleepy time behaviors and your baby’s temperament when being placed down to sleep. Observation of feedings to evaluate suck, swallow, breathing patterns, latching, feeding efficiency, breastfeeding production and pumping assistance to provide needed caloric intake for baby(ies) to be eligible to sleep through the night, review of age/stage nutritional plans and teething. Evaluation of fine and gross motor skills during playtime and movement within babies sleep space. Reflux/GERD and digestion comfort evaluations. These steps are necessary to assess options for appropriate approaches to sleep coaching and for the creation of a sleep plan for your unique family and baby/babies.